About Us

Welcome to KJPIAnalytics.com! The KJ Predictive Index (KJPI) is a proprietary DFS prediction system developed specifically to revolutionize the way you think about playing Daily Fantasy. Specializing in NBA and NFL DFS for both FanDuel and DraftKings, the KJPI attempts to discover the signal-in-the-noise that is sports statistics. Our algorithms take in to account major predictive factors that tend to influence fantasy sports output and quantify them into a single measure. While box score statistics are important and useful for predicting performance, our formula attempts to dive deeper into the data behind the scenes. Taking into account important indicators like gambling lines, defensive matchup, offensive output potential, a salary base value rating, in addition to several more qualifiers, the KJPI is one of the most advanced predictive statistics in the industry.

In addition to developing the actual software and algorithms behind the KJPI, most of our development team actively plays DFS. Being involved directly with the game itself gives us (and you!) a leg up on the competition. We personally use the KJPI on a daily basis, so our financial success is tied to the quality of the product itself. This results in is a measure that is both both actively maintained and improved over time.